4/25 – The first day of flushing in Kennebunk turned out to be a beautiful spring day that allowed us to check off 43 hydrants, bringing us up to the suction side of the Cat Mousam Booster. Today, under cloudy conditions and with rain coming in, we will begin by flushing Brown Street to Clarkdale Road. From there we will be going to Maple Avenue in West Kennebunk, Alfred Road, Thompson Road, Remington Way, Mill Street, and hopefully make it back down Cat Mousam Road to the Turnpike Bridge. Have a wonderful Wednesday.


4/24 – With another 44 hydrants flushed, we brought a close to the spring flushing in Ogunquit yesterday. This morning we will begin flushing in the town of Kennebunk, starting at the Treatment Plant and working our way North along Rt. 1. When we reach the edge of downtown we will turn and flush up High Street to Harriseckett Road. This will include all side roads and developments along the way in both areas. If we have time at the end of the day we may start flushing either Cat Mousam or Brown Street depending on how much time we have available. Hope you enjoy the sunshine today and have a wonderful Tuesday.


4/23 – Last Friday we were able to flush 42 hydrants for the day, making it all the way back to Tatnic Road. Today we will begin a little early and start flushing Shore Road in hopes to make it down to Perkins Cove by the end of the day. This will include Israel Head, Sterns, and Frazier Pasture as well as a few hotels and condos. If at the end of the day we have more time we will begin to work our way further down Shore Road toward the Cliff House. Hope you have a great Monday.


4/20 – With some hard work by our technicians yesterday, we were able to finish flushing the remaining 44 hydrants in the town of Wells. Today, we will begin flushing in the town of Ogunquit, which normally takes about 3 days to complete. We will start today on Berwick Road near our tanks and flush the water mains North along Rt 1, back toward Tatnic Road. This will include the Windward Development, Beach Street, River Road, Ocean Meadows Condos, and Captain Thomas Road to name a few side streets. This will put us in a good position to flush Shore Road on Monday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as we look forward to more spring like weather next week.


4/19 – We were able to flush 28 hydrants yesterday, which surpassed our expectations and allowed us to finish Atlantic Ave and Webhannet Drive. Today we will be flushing Eldridge Road, Ocean Avenue, Bourne Avenue, the rest of Old County Road, and Royal Heights. This will complete the flushing in the Southern end of Wells. From there we will be going to Sanford Road (Rt 109) and begin flushing toward Spencer Drive. This should put us in a good position to finish flushing in the town of Wells by tomorrow. Once completed we will be heading South to Ogunquit. Have a wonderful Thursday.


4/18 – With the weather acting a little more like spring, and things starting to dry out from the heavy rains we had on Monday, we were able to check off another 41 hydrants as completed. Today we will be flushing the Sea Glass development and a small section of Old County Road before heading back to flush Laudholm Farm. From there the plan is to flush all of Drakes Island by the end of the day. If we have time, we may venture over to Atlantic Ave and start working our way around the beach. We hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.


4/17 – Yesterday was a cold and wet, yet incredibly productive first day of flushing with a total of 45 hydrants for the day. We surpassed our goal of Mile Road and made it to Rt. 9B. This morning we will be flushing 9B, Wells Highlands, Summer Village, Beach Dreams, and the Forest. If we have time toward the end of the day, we may try to get through Sea Glass as well. Have a wonderful day.


4/16 – After a final blast of winter weather we are planning on starting our spring flushing program this morning. We will be heading South from the Treatment Plant along Rt. 1, flushing the various side roads, housing developments, condo units, and business parks along the way. If things go well today, we should be able to make it to Mile Road. Safety is always our number one concern and if temperatures decide to not cooperate we will delay flushing until things warm up. We appreciate your patience with us as we work through this process together. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 207-985-3385.