***Information On Chloramines***

UPDATE 4/17/2017: The District began the reintroduction of chloramines as a means of secondary disinfection to its water supply. The start-up is coordinated with the beginning of the District’s spring flushing program, which also began today. This coordination will help ensure an efficient system-wide conversion to chloramines. Customers nearest the Branch Brook Filtration Plant and in particular those from downtown Kennebunk and southerly into Wells should notice a reduction in chlorine taste and odor within a day or two. Most customers should notice the difference within a week or two. Any questions should be referred to the Filtration Plant, at 207-985-2362.



As recently announced in a WRITTEN NOTICE that was mailed to all of our customers, we will soon be changing our final step of water disinfection from the use of free chlorine to a combined form of chlorine, called chloramine.  More specifically, the type of chloramine we will be utilizing is monochloramine.  This method of water disinfection has been in use throughout the United States and the world for about 100 years.  The written notice provided some information as to the reasons for the change and some answers to several frequently asked questions.


As stated in the notice, the primary reasons to return to the practice of using chloramines are to reduce the formation of disinfection by-products and to make our water compatible with that of our neighboring interconnected utilities. Along that line, it should be noted that along southern coastal Maine from York to Portland, we are the only water utility that does not utilize chloramination.  Also, currently over 300,000 Maine residents are being served by water utilities that chloraminate, including Portland Water District (since 1938), Auburn Water District, Bangor Water District, Bath Water District, Brewer Water District, Maine Water Co. Biddeford & Saco Division, Lewiston Water Department, York Water District and eleven other water utilities.


In addition to the above, we feel that disinfecting our water with monochloramines will provide our customers with a safer and more aesthetically pleasing water than if we were to continue to disinfect it with free chlorine. In order to provide additional information for those who are more interested in the topic, we offer the following:


Environmental Protection Agency

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County

San Francisco Water


Closed July 4th for Independence Day

Our business office will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th for Independence Day. We will reopen for normal business hours on Wednesday, July 5th. If you have a water related emergency during this time period, please contact our treatment plant at 207-985-2362.

2017 Spring Flushing Updates

5/18 – Yesterday, we were able to finish up Biddeford Pool, bringing a close to our spring flushing. I would like to thank everyone for working with us through this process. We will be writing up our reports, fixing any issues that have been found, and making changes to the flushing program in an effort to continue to improve our efficiency and it effectiveness. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and you can look for us to be back at it this fall. Have a great day.


5/17 – Yesterday we had a very good day and were able to flush 33 hydrants, making it all the way to Bridge Road. This morning, after a minor delay for some mandatory training, we will be flushing Fortunes Rocks Road back to Granite Point Road and Sea Spray Drive. From there we will be going down Mile Stretch Road to Lester B Orcutt and see if we can finish up Biddeford Pool today. Have a wonderful day.


5/16 – Yesterday we were able to flush 42 hydrants, finishing up School Road, Wildes District, Langsford, and Mills Road. This morning we will flush Pier Road, Skipper Joe’s Point and Marshall Point before we head over to Kings Highway. If things go well we will try to finish all of the Kings Highway section out to Sand Point today, which will finish Kennebunkport. This should allow us to flush the Biddeford Pool section of our system on Wednesday and Thursday completing our spring flushing for 2017. Have a wonderful day.


5/15 – After a very productive week last week, we are back at it in Kennebunkport today. We will start with flushing Route 9 from Crow Hill Tank to Maine Street. From there we will make our way up Wildes District Road to finish up the day. 


5/12 – Yesterday, after fighting through construction and battling a few stubborn hydrants, we were able to make it to Ocean Avenue and Kings Highway. This morning we will begin on Maine Street and travel down South Maine Street to Old Fort and Summit, putting us back on Ocean Street as we head toward the Bush Compound. From there we will try to get through the Washburn Development and Turbots Creek by the end of the day.


5/11 – Yesterday we were able to tie up all the loose ends in and around Kennebunk and started working our way towards Dock Square. This morning we will continue down North Street flushing Oak Street and Church Street along the way. From there we will move onto Maine Street and flush to the Library before venturing into Dock Square and flushing Ocean Street all the way to Kings Highway. When that is done we will travel back to Maine Street and flush our way toward South Maine Street. If time permits we will continue down South Maine Street as we start to work our way back towards Ocean Avenue. Have a great day.


5/10 – Yesterday, the hydrants all worked in our favor, with an amazing 59 hydrants checked off the list. This morning we have a few more hydrants on Route 1 in Arundel and we plan to flush Kimball Lane as well, which will wrap up flushing in the town of Kennebunk. From there, we will work our way down River Road to North Street as we work our way toward Dock Square. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.


5/9 – Yesterday we had an amazing day. We flushed 53 hydrants, finishing the entire beach area, and even started down Storer Road at the end of the day. Today we will flush Fletcher Street from the library to Ross Road and the various side streets along the way. From there we are going to Route 1, across from Atria, and we will flush North toward Hannaford. After that, if things go as well as they did yesterday, we will flush the development from Route 1, back to Fletcher Street, which will include Longview Ter, Merrifield, Longwood Drive, Rosewood and Woodhaven. Have a great Tuesday.


5/8 – Last week we were able to flush another 19 hydrants on Friday making it down Beach Avenue near Fairfield Drive. Today we will hopefully finish flushing around the beach including all of Boothby Road and Bayberry Avenue. If things go well we may even make it as far as Ridge Lane and Oak Street at the end of the day today.


5/5 – With another week coming to an end, the flushing program continues to make steady progress with another 28 hydrants flushed yesterday finishing up Sea Road. This morning we will be heading out to Western Avenue and the plan will be to try and get all of Western Avenue flushed today. This will have us starting near Del Rio Drive and working our way towards Beach Avenue. We hope you have a good day and a wonderful weekend as we look forward to finishing up the flushing in Kennebunk next week.


5/4 – Yesterday after a few mechanical issues that were quickly resolved by our excellent in house mechanic, we were back on the road able to get 31 hydrants flushed, finishing up Port Road and starting down Sea Road. Today we plan to flush 28 hydrants which will finish up Sea Road and allow us to start first thing tomorrow morning on Western Avenue near Del Rio, which often takes a while to get through. At the end of the day today we may also try to go flush the Elm Wood Hotel in Wells, which we had to skip over on our initial way through.


5/3 – The clouds have given us a break this morning and the sun is back for a little while. Flushing continues to make steady progress regardless of the weather, with another 25 hydrants flushed yesterday making it as far as Canterbury Circle. Today we will continue to work down Port Road as we head towards Christensen Lane, flushing all of the River Locks Development along the way. From there we will go back to Sea Road and flush the rest of the day there as we work our way towards Western Ave.


5/2 – Yesterday we had a very good day, flushing a total of 43 hydrants.  We finished up Route 35 to Ross Road and got the first three hydrants in downtown Kennebunk done. This morning we will flush the rest of downtown, Water Street, Winter Street, and begin working our way down Summer Street, flushing the various side streets along the way. We hope  to make it as far as the River Locks development today.


5/1 – Last Friday we were able to flush 49 hydrants for the day making it all the way through Coventry Woods. This morning we have three hydrants to finish up on Cat Mousam Road and then we will begin to work our way down Route 35 towards Thompson Road. This will include Corning, Independence Park, Alewive Business Park, Kennebunk Elementary School, and both Turnpike rest areas. If we are able to get this section done today we may try to flush a few more hydrants on Old Alewive Road and Oak Bluff and work our way towards Ross Road. This will allow us to flush down town Kennebunk tomorrow morning. Have a wonderful day.


4/28 – Yesterday we were able to scour the water mains,  flushing 33 hydrants and made it half way down Brown Street by the end of the day. This morning the plan is to finish flushing Brown Street and then move to Alfred Road in West Kennebunk and flush Maple Ave, Warrens Way, Remington Way, Thompson Road, and Mill Street to name a few. From there if we have time we will start working our way back down Cat Mousam Road towards Coventry Woods. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


4/27 – Yesterday we were able to finish up the remaining hydrants that were left in Ogunquit and flush Route 1 all the way to downtown Kennebunk, totaling 26 hydrants for the day. This morning we will be flushing High Street and the first part of Cat Mousam Road. If we are able to get that done, we will then head to Brown Street and finish the day over there. Have a wonderful Thursday.


4/26 – Flushing went very well yesterday with a total of 35 hydrants flushed allowing us to make it all the way to the end of Shore Road near the Cliff House. This leaves us with 9 hydrants left in the town of Ogunquit to finish up this morning before we head back to the Treatment Plant and begin to work our way North on Route 1, heading toward downtown Kennebunk. Have a wonderful Wednesday.


4/25 – Yesterday we were able to flush 42 hydrants, making it all the way back to Tatnic Road, which will allow us to start down Shore Road this morning. Our goal will be to make it as far as Perkins Cove, including the various side streets like Israel Head, Stearns, and Frazier Pasture. If this goes smoothly we may even try to flush the rest of Shore Road out to the Cliff House. Hope you have a great day.


4/24 – Last week we were able to finish flushing in the town of Wells, wrapping up the last 30 hydrant with no issues. This morning our plan is to start flushing in the town of Ogunquit. We will begin on Berwick Road, at the tanks, and work our way down the hill toward Route 1. From there we will flush the Windward Development and Beach Street before we continue to head North on Route 1, flushing the various side streets, developments and complex’s as we work our way back toward Tatnic Road. If things go as planned this will allow us to be flushing Shore Road on Tuesday and we should be able to finish flushing in the town of Ogunquit on Wednesday. Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine today.


4/21 – With 30 hydrants left, the plan for the day is to finish the flushing in the town of Wells so that we will be able to start Ogunquit on Monday. Yesterday we were able to flush 25 hydrants, making it to the the end of Ocean Avenue as planned. This morning we will be flushing Bourne, Cable, Spring, Spinnaker Ridge, and Royal Heights. From there we will head back to Sanford Road (109) and begin to flush our way toward the Wells Standpipe. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


4/20 – Yesterday we persevered through the clouds, saw a little sun, endured the windy afternoon, and finished before the rain, flushing a total of 31 hydrants. Today we will begin on Atlantic Ave and then flush Webhannet Dr, Eldridge Rd, and Ocean Ave. If things go well we should be able to finish the town of Wells tomorrow and move on to Ogunquit. Have a great day.


4/19 – Flushing went very well on Tuesday with a total of 46 hydrants, allowing us to make it all the way to The Forest booster. This morning we will finish flushing the back side of The Forest development and then flush Sea Glass. Then we will head back to Laudholm Farm and hopefully onto Drakes Island if there is enough time. Have a wonderful Wednesday.


4/18 – Yesterday we were able to get off to a good start and flush a total of 28 hydrants making it as far as Chapel Road and Route 1. Today we will be flushing in the areas of the Hannaford Supermarket and York County Technical College to begin the day. From there, if things go well, we plan to flush Rt 9B, Wells Highlands, Summer Village, and Beach Dreams. Have a great day.


4/17 – We hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed the summer like temperature that we had yesterday. Today we will begin our spring flushing program at the treatment plant on Rt. 1 and work our way South on Post Road, flushing the various side streets and complexes along the way. If things go well, we hope that we will make it as far as Mile Road in Wells. Some of the areas that we will be flushing along the way are Riverbend Woods, Skinner Dam Road, first hydrant on Drakes Island, Harbor Road, and Flintlock Village. Have a great day.

New Employment Opportunity!

Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District
Assistant Customer Service Technician


The Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District is currently seeking an Assistant Customer Service Technician.  This position is responsible for performing a variety of duties associated with the Customer Service and Distribution departments to install, maintain, and repair water supply systems, including service connections, water service piping and metering equipment in accordance with established practices and procedures as needed. May also respond to a variety of customer service inquiries.


This is an hourly position and offers a very competitive compensation and benefits package which includes medical and dental insurance, vacation and sick leave, retirement plan, life insurance and paid holidays.  A copy of the job description can be found on our website (kkw.org) or obtained at the District office at 92 Main Street, Kennebunk, Maine.


Interested applicants should submit an application and resume in person or by mail, fax or email until Friday, June 23, 2017 to:


Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District
Attn:  Cindy Rounds
P.O. Box 88
Kennebunk, ME  04043
Fax: (207) 985-3102
Email:  crounds@kkw.org


The Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Closed May 29th for Memorial Day

Our business office will be closed on Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day. We will reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday, May 30th. If you have a water related emergency during this time period, please contact our treatment plant at 207-985-2362.