2013 Construction Projects

These are some of the major projects planned for 2013.  KKW will post, on kkw.org, additional information and updates on these and other projects throughout the year.

Fortunes Rocks Road – Biddeford. This project represents the second half of a two-year installation that will add another 2,400 feet of main to the 4,700 feet that was installed in 2012. The new 12-inch main is replacing equal amounts of aged 8-inch and 10-inch mains. The work has been closely planned with the City of Biddeford, who will be rebuilding the road as part of their scheduled roadway improvement program.

Maine Street/Union Street – Kennebunkport. In advance of a Town of Kennebunkport drainage system improvement, the District will relocate an existing 12-inch main and ultimately abandon a redundant 6-inch main. This 500 foot long project will facilitate the Town’s drainage installation as well as streamline our distribution grid in the area. The project also involves replacing approximately 500 feet along Union Street, which is also part of the Town’s drainage system project area.

Great Hill Road – Kennebunk. This project will replace approximately 2,700 feet of unlined 8-inch main. The new 8-inch main will be installed with an innovative ‘pipe-bursting’ process that greatly reduces the amount of open trenching in comparison to traditional construction methods.

High Street/Pleasant Street – Kennebunk. In anticipation of the Town of Kennebunk undertaking another phase of the Downtown Revitalization project on the south side of the Mousam River Bridge, the District will be replacing approximately 1,155 feet of 6-inch main along High Street, and approximately 550 feet of 4-inch main along Pleasant Street.