***2019 Spring Flushing Updates***


We were able to flush 32 hydrants yesterday, finishing up all of Drakes Island by the end of the day. This morning we will be flushing Atlantic Avenue, Webhannet Drive, Eldridge Road, and Ocean Avenue to start the day. Hopefully, time will allow us to also flush Bourne Avenue, Old County Road and Royal Heights as well. This will put us in a good position to finish up the flushing in the town of Wells tomorrow and head into Ogunquit.



Amidst fair skies and gusty winds we were able to exceed our own expectations and flush 43 hydrants yesterday making it to the booster station in the Forest Development. Today we will finish flushing The Forest and Sea Glass developments before heading back to Laudholm Farm, where we will begin to flush the more coastal mains and hydrants. Today this will include Drakes Island, Atlantic Avenue, and, if time allows, we may even make it to Webhannet Drive. Have a wonderful Wednesday.



Yesterday we had a very good day and were able to flush 32 hydrants, making it to the Nautical Mile by Congdon’s. This morning we will be flushing York County Community College as well as in and around the Hannaford plaza before heading to Route 9B. From there we will flush Wells Highlands, Summer Village, and Beach Dreams. If time allows at the end of the day we may even begin to flush the first part of The Forest. Have a great Tuesday.



Today, we will begin our annual spring flushing program. First thing this morning we will finish equipping the truck with all of our hoses and tools that we will need before we embark from the Treatment plant south along Route 1. Our first stop will be the developments that are off of Harriseckett and Bypass Roads. From there we will be flushing the first hydrant on Route 9, before continuing south toward the intersection of 109 and Route 1, flushing the various side roads and developments as we move along. The plan is to try and make it to at least Harbor Road today, but if things go well we will continue as far as time will allow.


As always our goal is to work as safely and as quickly as possible through these areas, insuring that the hydrants are working properly and that the water quality is what you have come to expect from KKW. We thank you for your patience through this process as we work to get through this flushing season with as minimal disruptions as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call. Have a marvelous Monday.