KKW Receives Prestigious MEMIC Safety Award

Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Wells (KK&W) Water District was recently honored with an award for exceptional on-the-job safety performance during The MEMIC Group’s Annual Meeting of Policyholders. Only eight employers, out of more than 21,000 MEMIC policyholders across the country, received a 2019 award for workplace safety from the workers’ compensation insurance specialist.


KK&W Water District was established in 1921 and extends 25 miles along the York County coastline, the second longest water utility service area in Maine. Their 42 employees are dedicated to the mission of providing the highest quality of water and customer service at the lowest reasonable cost.


“Our experience modification factor right now is almost unheard of at 0.60,” said Assistant Superintendent Scott Minor of KK&W Water District. The experience “mod” is a measure of how well an employer performs compared to others with the same job classification.


“Anything less than 1.0 is good, but you can’t really get better than KK&W,” said MEMIC Safety Management Consultant Alexis Westin. “Their mod factor means they really care about safety and have successfully prevented expensive injuries. That’s great for their employees and their customers.”


Minor said MEMIC offers most of the safety training they need as well as additional resources specific to their operations. “Alexis participates at our safety committee meeting level. She’s a wonderful resource.”


“Besides myself, we’ve utilized other MEMIC safety experts to address risks such as rigging and chainsaw safety,” said Westin. “KK&W’s continuous improvement mindset also helped them received the Maine Department of Labor’s Safety and Health Award for Public Employers (SHAPE).”