KKW To Discontinue Water Fluoridation

Our fluoride feed pumps were turned off this morning (11/9) at around 7:00 am. Some customers (those near our treatment facilities) had an immediate drop in fluoride to the natural background levels of about 0.25 parts per million. Within a couple weeks all customers will have that same background level of natural fluoride as the remaining treated water in our distribution system is utilized.


The Water District is pleased with the outcome of the fluoride referendum. It’s evident that the voting public is now more informed about the subject than they were back in 2002, when fluoridation was voted in. The Water District thanks the Campaign to Reconsider Water Fluoridation volunteers and in particular the voters for their knowledgeable decision to cease the addition of fluoride to our water. We look forward to staying true to our mission of providing the highest quality of water at the lowest reasonable cost.


Here are the results:


Kennebunk 2571 yes and 4842 no

Kennebunkport 792 yes and 1679 no

Wells 2245 yes and 4436 no

Arundel 800 yes and 1692 no

Ogunquit 330 yes and 537 no

Biddeford 129 yes and 149 no

York 51 yes and 50 no.

Totals: 6918 yes and 13,385 no

Result: 34% yes and 66% no.


Information On Water Fluoridation

Updated 8/5/16

As described in the cover article of the District’s Summer 2016 edition of What’s on Tap, the District has taken a position against continuing the current practice of adding fluoride to its (your) drinking water.  In addition to the points made in the article, there are some simple facts that we believe further justify the District’s position.


The District’s water sources already have between 0.2 and 0.3 parts per million (PPM) of naturally occurring calcium fluoride, which is about 50% of what the Maine Drinking Water Program (Maine’s agency responsible for enforcing EPA drinking water regulations) has set as the minimum fluoride level for fluoridated water supplies.  It is now known that the general population is ingesting much more fluoride than it did some 60-plus years ago when fluoridation of drinking water was proposed as a method of reducing the incidence of dental caries (cavities).  The general public is ingesting a significant amount of fluoride via processed foods and beverages, on top of normal everyday too brushing.  At the present time, approximately 40% of American adolescents are exhibiting some degree of dental fluorosis, which is an indicator of ingesting too much fluoride.  So why add more fluoride to our drinking water?


We understand that this is a controversial topic, fraught with polarized positions, not only between the scientific and medical communities, but among the general public as well. As water utility professionals, we prefer to lean toward the side of caution and give more credibility to the scientific perspective, which better reflects current research and up to date statistics.


As you may know, we have recently been notified by the Maine Secretary of State’s office that a local citizen’s group, The Campaign to Reconsider Water Fluoridation, has gathered enough petition signatures for the question of fluoridation of our drinking water to be on the ballot at the upcoming election on November 8. In an effort to begin the process of educating the public about the theories and facts relating to the fluoridation of drinking water, the Campaign has organized a Fluoride Forum, to be held at the Kennebunk Town Hall Auditorium on Friday, August 12 at 7:00 pm. Speaking at this forum will be two University professors:


Leonardo Trasande, MD, MPP

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Environmental Medicine & Population Health, NYU School of Medicine

Associate Professor of Health Policy, NYU Wagner School of Public Service

Associate Professor of Public Health, NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

Associated Faculty Member, NYU Global Institute of Public Health




Dianne Smallidge, RDH, MDH

Associate Professor

Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene

MCPHS University


In order to help you formulate your own opinion, we encourage you to study both sides of this issue, so when it comes time to vote on it at this November’s general election, you can make an informed decision.  If you can’t attend the Fluoride Forum on August 12, please check out this list of documents and sources of information which we believe will provide you an introduction to both perspectives on this issue:


Literature generally against the addition of fluoride: 

Statements on Infant Exposure to Fluoride

USEPA’s Union of Scientists opposition to Fluoridation

Review of the 2006 National Research Council report on Fluoridation

Tooth Decay Trends in Fluoridated and Non-fluoridated Countries

Fluoride and ADHD

Water Fluoridation: A Review of Recent Research and Actions



Links to organizations generally against the addition of fluoride:


Literature generally in support of the addition of fluoride:

CDC Statement on the 2006 National Research Council report on Fluoridation

Maine CDC Statement on Water Fluoridation

ADA report regarding the intake of fluoride from reconstituted infant formula


Links to organizations generally for the addition of fluoride:


General Literature Pertaining to Dental Health:

CDC Report on Prevalence and Severity of Dental Fluorosis in the United States

Natural Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Which Sugars Rot Your Teeth

Fall 2016 Flushing Updates

Daily Flushing Updates:



Yesterday we were able to flush a total of 36 hydrants, making it to a point where we will start pulling water down Shore Road first thing this morning. With 19 hydrants left to flush for this year our hope is that we will be able to finish today. We will begin this morning in Perkins Cove, and flush that hydrant attempting to pull a majority of Shore Road to that location. This is being done because of the construction that is taking place on Shore Road, in an effort to still move some water and not get in the way of the work that is being done. After flowing this hydrant for a while we will continue to flush our way out to the Cliff House and then come back and flush School Street, Agamenticus Road, Josias Lane, and Rt 1 to the town line. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



Yesterday we were able to flush a total of 34 hydrants, finishing the town of Wells and pulling down Berwick Road from the tanks to Rt.1 in Ogunquit. Today our goal will be to flush enough hydrants so that if we do any flushing on Shore Road we will be able to start it first thing Friday morning. We will begin on Winward, and flush Rt. 1 to Beach Street and River Road. From there we will go to Georges Grant and continue to work our way North on Rt.1 flushing the various side roads along the way. Ocean Meadows, Captain Thomas, Riverbank, Bayview, Belm, and Grasshopper, to name a few. Hope you have a wonderful day.



Yesterday, our guys were able to flush 19 hydrants finishing up Ocean Ave. Today we will flush Bourne Avenue, Cable, Spring, Old County, and Tatnic Roads as well as Spinnaker Ridge and Royal Heights. This will finish up the ocean side of Wells. From there we will be going to Sanford Road (Rt. 109) and flush our way toward Chapel Road. If things go well we will try to finish up the town of Wells today. This will allow us to start flushing in Ogunquit tomorrow. Have a great day.



Yesterday we were able to flush all of Drakes Island as well as Atlantic Ave. This morning we will be sending a crew out to flush Webhannet Drive, Eldridge Road, Gendron Drive, and as much of Ocean Ave as they can fit in the day. Have a great Tuesday.



Today we will begin flushing Drakes Island with the hope of making it to Atlantic Ave and Webhannet Drive. Hope you have a marvelous Monday.



Yesterday we were able to flush a total of 26 hydrants before getting hung up at the end of the day with a complex plumbing conundrum. With issues resolved we hope to continue today flushing Old County Road, Laudholm Farm Road, and Drakes Island. If things go well we may even try to flush Atlantic Ave over to Mile Road. Hope you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.



Yesterday we were able to flush a total of 38 hydrants, making it all the way to Summer Village. Today the plan is to flush Beach Dreams, The Forest, and Sea Glass developments as well as a few other hydrants along Rt 1.  This will bring us all the way to the Ogunquit town line, at which point we will go back to Laudholm Farm Road and flush the two hydrants down there where the water main heads over to Drakes Island. If all goes well this will allow us to flush Drakes Island and Atlantic Ave tomorrow and begin to flush the various water mains that run along the coast back toward Ogunquit. Things are shaping up well and we should be able to finish flushing in the town of Wells early next week and then wrap things up in Ogunquit by the end of the week completing this years fall flushing program. Have a terrific Thursday.



After a couple of long flushes and one problem hydrant on Monday, we were able to flush a total of 21 hydrants making it all the way to Wells Jr High School. Today the plan is to start at Flintlock Village and continue flushing south along Rt. 1 including York County Community College and the Hannaford complex. From there we will hopefully be able to flush all of Rt 9B as well as the Wells Highlands development. Have a wonderful Wednesday.



With the cooler weather setting in we will begin our final stretch of the fall flushing program today as we head into the town of Wells. We were able to finish up flushing in the Biddeford Pool area last Friday, and our flushing truck is repaired and back on the road. We will begin today on Harrisecket Road and work our way down Rt 1 flushing the various side road and developments along the way. Hope you have a wonderful day.



With 21 hydrants left in Biddeford Pool our plan is to finish up this section today. Have a great weekend and you can look for us to start flushing in Wells and heading South next week.



After a productive day of getting the plant ready for the winter months to come we are going to resume flushing today starting at Bridge Road and pulling back toward Granite Point Road. From there we will go back to Bridge Road and begin to pull down Mile Stretch Road. Things may go a little slower because our flushing truck is down for repairs. We will do our best with the modified truck set up to keep the water flowing in a direction that causes the least amount of disturbance. Have a great day.



Last Friday we were able to flush 27 hydrants which included Langsford, Mills, and Pier Roads and made it as far as Marshall Point. This will allow us to start flushing Kings Highway this morning as we work our way toward the suction side of Granite Point Road. From there, if time allows, we will flush Bridge Road and Fortunes Rocks Road back toward Granite Point Road. Our hope would be to finish flushing Biddeford Pool this week and then begin to flush the town of Wells.


There is a chance that there will be no flushing tomorrow October 18th because our weekly bacteria sampling needs to be done. We will see what we have for manpower and may try to send a crew out. On Wednesday October 19th of this week there will be no flushing due to yearly plant maintenance that we will be performing.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask away. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful week.



Yesterday we were able to flush 37 hydrants, which included all of South Maine Street to the Bush Compound, all of School Street and we even made it down Turbots Creek. Hopefully, after some minor truck repairs this morning, we will flush a few more hydrants in the Washburn Drive development off of Ocean Avenue and then a few new hydrants on a recent main extension which will bring us back to the Bush Compound. From there our hope is to flush Langsford Road, Mills Road and Pier Road to wrap up this week. This should set us up to finish Kennebunkport on Monday and then begin to move toward Biddeford Pool.  Have a great weekend.



Yesterday we were able to flush a total of 20 hydrants, finishing up Ocean Ave and working our way down Maine Street to the intersection of South Maine. We were also able to participate in some school tours where we talked about what the District does and some of the equipment that we use. Today we will continue down South Maine Street, Old Fort and Summit working our way back to Ocean Ave and the Bush Compound. From there we will go to Crow Hill Tank on School Street and flush our way back toward the Consolidated School. Have a wonderful day.



Today we will be flushing Maine Street, Dock Square, Ocean Ave, and hopefully all of South Maine Street if we have the time. Hope you have a great day.



Last Friday we were able to flush another 45 hydrants and after some much needed rain this weekend we will finish up the last 20 hydrants that are left in Kennebunk and part of Arundel. This will include Rt. 1 going north toward Technology Drive, as well as Huntington Commons and Ross Road. After that, the Kennebunk flushing is completed and we will be going to River Road near Durrells Bridge and begin to flush our way toward North Street. Our hope, if things go well, would be to make it down North Street to where it intersects with Maine Street today. This will allow us to flush Dock Square and Ocean Street tomorrow as long as nothing changes. (#thingsmaychange). Have a great day.



Another week has come and gone and with a brisk chill in the morning air the flushing crew continues to move on. Yesterday we were able to flush an amazing total of 49 hydrants which allowed us to finish up the Kennebunk Beach area. These high number of hydrant days are not just because we have a very efficient flushing program. It is also due to the exceptional treatment of the water that goes out from the Treatment Plant and the excellent water main replacement program that we have in place to update older sections of water main. Kudos goes out to the team that makes it all possible.

Today we will be working our way up Storer Street toward the High School. From there we will begin to flush Rt. 1 near the Atria and work our way toward Hannaford. This should set us up to be able to finish flushing in the Kennebunk area on Monday. From there we will be going to Durrells Bridge and begin working our way toward Kennebunkport. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.



Yesterday we were able to get a total of 16 hydrants flushed making it to Beach Ave @ Doanes Wharf. Today the plan is to continue to flush our way around the beach, which will also include all of Boothby Road. Our hope is to be able to make it all the way around the beach to Oak Street. Have a great day.



We will be resuming flushing today starting on Rt. 9 near Del Rio Drive and working our way toward Beach Avenue. This is typically a stubborn section to flush with some long runs and older water mains. We will do our best to work quickly and efficiently through this area with as little disturbance as possible. Have a wonderful day.



Every now and then things come up that take priority in life and work, forcing us to change our plans. Tomorrow, there will be no flushing due to the abundance of work that needs to be done. This should be the only day we will have to alter the flushing schedule this week. However, with people taking time off and more work that needs to be done in and around our system, there will most likely be a few other days in the weeks to come that we will have to take a break from flushing in order to get some other work done.  Hopefully, this should not delay our flushing progress too much and we will do our best to keep to the schedule that has been put in place.



Last Friday we were able to flush a total of 34 hydrants for the day finishing up Port Road and the first 7 hydrants on Sea Road. Today the plan is to flush the rest of Sea Road to the Western Ave intersection. This will allow us to start tomorrow morning on Rt. 9 near Del Rio Drive where we will be running two hydrants together to increase velocity and scour a typically stubborn section of water main. We will work as quickly as we can through these sometimes difficult areas and plan to finish the Kennebunk portion of this fall’s flushing program by the end of the week. Have a wonderful Monday.



Yesterday we were able to flush our way in, through, and around the downtown area with little trouble and make it as far as Heath Road totaling 25 hydrants for the day. Today we will continue our journey toward Lower Village, through the vast Port Road section, and see what we can flush out in the River Locks development along the way. If we are able to make it to the end near Christensen Lane we may begin to explore our way down Sea Road later this afternoon. Thank you for working with us on this adventure, I hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. We will pick up next week, finishing up Sea Road and begin flushing Rt 9 and around the beach.



With things going exceptionally well we were able to flush 48 hydrants yesterday finishing up Coventry Woods, Rt. 35 to the Elementary School, and Fletcher Street to Gendron Drive. Today we will be flushing Main Street in downtown Kennebunk first thing this morning. From there we will be working our way down Summer Street to Depot street, Water Street, Factory Pasture, Winter Street and back to Summer Street as we continue to head toward Lower Village. Have a wonderful day.



Yesterday, after dodging a few rain drops in the morning, things went very well allowing us to flush a total of 48 hydrants and making it all the way to Coventry Woods. This morning we will begin our day by flushing Coventry Woods off of Cat Mousam Road and then move over to Alfred Road by the tank and work our way toward town. This will include going up Rt. 35 to the Elementary School and if we have enough time we will try to make it to Fletcher Street near Gendron Drive. Have a great day.



Yesterday, with only a few set backs and while working through some sections of older water mains, we were able to exceed our own expectations by flushing 36 hydrants. This allowed us to complete the flushing of High Street and begin to flush Cat Mousam Road where we were able to see some real benefits from flushing. This morning we will be finishing the flushing on the lower section of Cat Mousam Road and then flush Brown Street to the railroad tracks. After that we will be moving to the West Kennebunk area of Maple Ave and flush our way toward Mill Street and the Fire Station. Have a great day.



With a chill in the air we will begin our Fall Flushing Program this morning starting at the Treatment Plant on Rt. 1 and working our way North toward town. If things go well we should make it to the edge of the downtown area and hopefully work our way out High Street toward Harriseckett Road. Please feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great day.

Fall 2016 Water Main Flushing Schedule



The Water District’s semi-annual flushing of its water mains and hydrants is a long recognized practice for maintaining high quality drinking water. The flushing is scheduled to occur during the daytime, Monday through Friday, between 6:00am and 5:00pm.


Flushing will begin in Kennebunk on September 26th and proceed to Kennebunkport, Arundel, coastal Biddeford, Wells and Ogunquit over an estimated seven (7) week timeframe.


Please visit our website at or call our business office at (207) 985-3385 for daily updates regarding the status of the flushing schedule.


We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and ask that you call our office if you have any questions or experience any problems.



Seasonal Account FAQs – End of Season

End of Season

  1. When does the District turn off the water?
    1. Summer Lines – Some neighborhoods have surface or shallow waterlines. These lines are vulnerable to freezing. Per the Terms & Conditions for water service, the District may begin to turn off these lines as early as October 1st. However, this typically begins October 15th. The exact start date will be weather dependent. As the lines are drained we will also pull the water meter from your property.
    2. Development Restrictions – Some developments have use-date restrictions in place. For these developments the District will turn off and remove water meters automatically on predetermined dates. Please check with your association for exact dates.
    3. All Other Seasonal Accounts – The District will not automatically disconnect these accounts. Turn-off dates are at the owner’s discretion. For owners wishing to enjoy an extended season, please keep in mind it is your responsibility to ensure that lines and meters are kept warm to prevent freeze-ups. Burst pipes can lead to extensive property damage and costly repairs. The district will not be liable for any damage resulting from frozen pipes.
  2. What is the process for scheduling water turn off at my property?
    1. To schedule water turn off for your property, contact the District’s customer service lines at 207-985-3385. Please have your account number handy.
    2. Please be advised that due to extremely high call volume the District is unable to accommodate same-day turn off services. Please allow a minimum of one business day.
    3. Appointments can be specified for either morning or afternoon service. The District is unable to guarantee an exact service time.
  3. What services does the District provide?
    1. The District will shut off the street gate, which connects your service line to the main.
    2. The District will also pull the water meter at your property.
    3. Beyond water turn off and meter removal, it is the owner’s responsibility to winterize their property, including the draining of pipes and fixtures.
    4. Some plumbers are also able to offer water shut off and meter removal services. Owners are welcome to elect to have plumbers perform the work instead of the District. Please check with your plumber to see if this is an option.
  4. Can you recommend a plumber?
    1. As a public entity we refrain from making recommendations, but would encourage property owners to utilize a licensed plumber familiar with the District’s requirements regarding the seasonal shutdown process.
    2. Most plumbers in the area are familiar with the seasonal shutdown process and the District’s requirements.
    3. When in doubt, ask for references.
  5. Do meters need to be returned at the end of the season?
    1. As part of the District’s Terms & Conditions for water service, seasonal customers and plumbers are REQUIRED to return water meters as soon as they are removed.
    2. Meters are tested for accuracy, drained, and properly stored  by the District for the winter.
    3. Damaged or non-returned meters will be charged to the owner.