Information On Chloramines

UPDATE 4/17/2017: The District began the reintroduction of chloramines as a means of secondary disinfection to its water supply. The start-up is coordinated with the beginning of the District’s spring flushing program, which also began today. This coordination will help ensure an efficient system-wide conversion to chloramines. Customers nearest the Branch Brook Filtration Plant and in particular those from downtown Kennebunk and southerly into Wells should notice a reduction in chlorine taste and odor within a day or two. Most customers should notice the difference within a week or two. Any questions should be referred to the Filtration Plant, at 207-985-2362.



As recently announced in a WRITTEN NOTICE that was mailed to all of our customers, we will soon be changing our final step of water disinfection from the use of free chlorine to a combined form of chlorine, called chloramine.  More specifically, the type of chloramine we will be utilizing is monochloramine.  This method of water disinfection has been in use throughout the United States and the world for about 100 years.  The written notice provided some information as to the reasons for the change and some answers to several frequently asked questions.


As stated in the notice, the primary reasons to return to the practice of using chloramines are to reduce the formation of disinfection by-products and to make our water compatible with that of our neighboring interconnected utilities. Along that line, it should be noted that along southern coastal Maine from York to Portland, we are the only water utility that does not utilize chloramination.  Also, currently over 300,000 Maine residents are being served by water utilities that chloraminate, including Portland Water District (since 1938), Auburn Water District, Bangor Water District, Bath Water District, Brewer Water District, Maine Water Co. Biddeford & Saco Division, Lewiston Water Department, York Water District and eleven other water utilities.


In addition to the above, we feel that disinfecting our water with monochloramines will provide our customers with a safer and more aesthetically pleasing water than if we were to continue to disinfect it with free chlorine. In order to provide additional information for those who are more interested in the topic, we offer the following:


Environmental Protection Agency

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County

San Francisco Water


Spring 2017 Flushing




Due to a very recent scheduling change, our spring hydrant flushing program will be delayed for what is anticipated to be one week.  If our current schedule stays on track, we will begin flushing on Monday, April 17.




Remembering Former Superintendent David Sweet

Please join us in remembering David A. Sweet who passed away Thursday, February 23, 2017. He proudly served the Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Wells Water District as Assistant Superintendent from 1971 to 1984 and Superintendent from 1984 to 2002. He will be sadly missed.



Please follow the links below for his obituary and service details:








Closed February 20th for Presidents’ Day

Our business office will be closed on Monday, February 20th for Presidents’ Day. We will reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday, February 21st. If you have a water related emergency during this time period, please contact our treatment plant at 207-985-2362.

KKW To Discontinue Water Fluoridation

Our fluoride feed pumps were turned off this morning (11/9) at around 7:00 am. Some customers (those near our treatment facilities) had an immediate drop in fluoride to the natural background levels of about 0.25 parts per million. Within a couple weeks all customers will have that same background level of natural fluoride as the remaining treated water in our distribution system is utilized.


The Water District is pleased with the outcome of the fluoride referendum. It’s evident that the voting public is now more informed about the subject than they were back in 2002, when fluoridation was voted in. The Water District thanks the Campaign to Reconsider Water Fluoridation volunteers and in particular the voters for their knowledgeable decision to cease the addition of fluoride to our water. We look forward to staying true to our mission of providing the highest quality of water at the lowest reasonable cost.


Here are the results:


Kennebunk 2571 yes and 4842 no

Kennebunkport 792 yes and 1679 no

Wells 2245 yes and 4436 no

Arundel 800 yes and 1692 no

Ogunquit 330 yes and 537 no

Biddeford 129 yes and 149 no

York 51 yes and 50 no.

Totals: 6918 yes and 13,385 no

Result: 34% yes and 66% no.