Seasonal Bill Calculator

Have you ever heard a toilet running occasionally in the background or do you have an old, stubborn faucet that won’t turn completely off? Perhaps you’ve been admiring your neighbor’s beautiful green lawn and are thinking about adding an irrigation system of your own? One of the most common reasons for people to call our customer service lines is to question a high bill. Customers often don’t realize the true impact a small leak or a home improvement can have on their water bill. Before taking the leap for that big upgrade or delaying repairs for a pesky leak, we invite our customers to use the calculator below, in conjunction with our WATER USE calculator, to see the true impact. A little bit of use here and there can add up to quite a bit over a full season!

The above calculator is for estimating purposely only. Rates are subject to change. If you are in need of an accurate calculation, please contact our customer service lines at 207-985-3385.

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